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Welcome to Innovation+ Talks. Each week our host, Paul Heller talks at the executive level about how strategic innovation and new product development are essential for thriving in the modern marketplace. Paul is regularly joined by top executives and cross-industry thought leaders who share their unique insights and key learnings garnered from decades of experience.

Nov 1, 2021

John Mansour is a thought leader, product management and product marketing trainer, and coach. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Proficientz, where he brings 25 years of experience in sales, communication, marketing, and technology product management. He was formerly the VP of Product Management and Product Marketing at SyteCentre and Geac and the Chairman of The Technology Association of Georgia's Product Management Society. John has a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management from The Ohio State University.

John joins me today to discuss product-led growth. He describes the product-led growth business model  and explains how it is more straightforward for businesses starting from the ground-up. He reveals the implications of product-led growth from a product management standpoint. John divulges the process of gathering and implementing requirements and underscores how support services need to become personal as individual customers reach critical mass. John also highlights how companies selling hybrid physical/digital products can leverage the product-led growth model and generate a recurring revenue stream.

“Don’t recreate what you have on a new platform. Rethink how your customers are doing business.” - John Mansour

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • The product-led growth business model and how it will affect B2B software as a service space
  • Why the product-led growth model is easier for new businesses to adopt
  • What does and does not change when product managers transition to the product-led growth business model
  • Why self-serve free-trial products need to sell themselves
  • How companies with a SaaS model should approach moving to a product-led growth model
  • How the product-led growth model can be applied for companies selling physical products with a digital element

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