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Welcome to Innovation+ Talks. Each week our host, Paul Heller talks at the executive level about how strategic innovation and new product development are essential for thriving in the modern marketplace. Paul is regularly joined by top executives and cross-industry thought leaders who share their unique insights and key learnings garnered from decades of experience.

Sep 27, 2021

Amy Cannon is the Executive Director, Co-Founder, and Green Chemistry Education Advocate at Beyond Benign, a company providing educators with tools, training, and support. Amy also has experience as a research scientist,  consultant, analytical scientist, professor, and non-profit organization leader. She has the world’s first Ph.D. In Green Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Saint Anselm College.

Amy joins me today to discuss sustainable innovation through green chemistry. She shares why green chemistry is essential as well as how she sees a rising demand from industry and consumers. Amy highlights the principles of green chemistry, the central role for chemists in solving significant challenges, and the process considerations such as waste and energy consumption. She dissects the need to build green chemistry into the educational systems for chemists, biologists, and scientists in addition to the essential role of peer-to-peer communities and social networks in supporting change.

“In my mind, all of a sudden, chemistry was now the solution; it wasn’t the problem.” - Amy Cannon

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • The importance of green chemistry and its increasing demand from consumers
  • The twelve principles of green chemistry and how chemists can reduce waste and hazards while addressing issues such as global warming
  • Looking beyond the chemical and considering the process
  • The importance of building green chemistry into the educational systems of future scientists
  • Green chemistry training for K-12 and current industry professionals
  • The essential role of social networks and peer-to-peer support for implementing change
  • The open-access and free of charge resources and materials available for educators at Beyond Benign

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